November 4, 2016

Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development

Establishment: 1956
Student Strength : 100 (only boys)
Courses Offered: Diploma in Agriculture and Rural Development
Duration: Two years
Qualification: Plus 2
Hostel Facilities: Partly Residential
Telephone: (0422) 269 2540


  • The institute is affiliated to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.
  • A well-maintained dairy unit and a sheep and goat rearing unit serve as a model for the surrounding villagers and is also used to impart practical training to the students.
  • An extensive orchard, farm and agro-forests are maintained to provide field training to the students.
  • An orchard of Zodiac Trees (nakshathra-vanam) is under preparation.
  • Innovative use of filtered water from hostels and kitchens for cultivating fodder and irrigating orchards has helped conserve ground water.
  • Certificate course on ‘Nursery Technology’ and training in ‘Mushroom Cultivation’ are provided.



Updated on : 23 May 2017